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  • Can You Consume Our Products During Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding?

    Can You Consume Our Products During Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding? | Yes You Can! Diet Plan Blog

    Can You Consume Our Products During Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding?


    Before pregnancy it is ideal to start a balanced diet plan to organize our routine. If you haven’t started it don’t worry, it's never too late to start. Your baby will appreciate a balanced diet because it will completely help in their healthy development. This does not mean you should eat for two or eat twice. What you should do is increase the amount of nutrients consumed. The energy requirements only increase by 300 calories a day during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Do not stress if you increase fat storage. It is necessary for childbirth and lactation. The weight should not be a problem during pregnancy; instead it favors the baby for childbirth preparation. Women who do not gain weight are at risk of developing complications.

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  • 3 Healthy Snacks for Halloween


    3 Fun and Healthy Halloween Snacks

    Do you have your Halloween costume ready? It’s the perfect day to be creative!! A witch, vampire, ghost or skeleton costume is always a must. However, your creativity can also be focused on healthy snacks to share with your guests. You don’t have to fill your table with sweets, carbohydrates & fats that will set you back, there’s a lot of fun healthy snacks that you can try out.  

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  • Get Ready For Halloween!


    Get Ready For Halloween!

    Halloween is in few days and the preparation has already begun. Do you have a costume yet? Where are you meeting with all your friends? Will you go to a party? ... It is normal; you might not have answers for all these questions. What you should be really preparing is how to look spectacular! Here’s some tips you should follow. If you have kids, we also have tips for them.

    Put these tips into practice days prior to be able to show off an amazing body:

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  • Protein Shakes To Lose Weight?


    Protein Shakes To Lose Weight?

    Protein shakes are more popular every day, and even though people think that these shakes are exclusively for body builders and “fitness” people, the reality is that these are wonderful for people who are trying to lose weight.

    We all need to have 15g of protein every morning for breakfast, if not, our body is going to start “eating” protein from our muscles that is the only protein reserve it has. This activates a defense mechanism in our body that makes us have more appetite and makes our skin flaccid.

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  • Be Careful With Sugar Consumption!

    Be Careful With Sugar Consumption! by Yes You Can! Specilists - Yes You Can! Diet Plan Blog

    Be Careful With Sugar Consumption!

    When we talk about nutrition, "Sugar" is a controversial topic to discuss because of different views, opinions and information about it. Many experts say it produces additive effects on people, so its consumption needs to be moderated. The "bad" sugar is the one that we add to coffee, desserts, or fruit juices. That is the mistake! We add more quantity than the amount we need

    Our body needs sugar as glucose (digestion of complex carbohydrates and good fats). Sugar - refined flour, and junk food is what we don’t need. They decrease brain’s activity. Also, receptors that regulate appetite and fat loss do not work properly. Little by little they are reducing their activity, so you need more quantities to feel satisfied. This creates an addiction without realizing it. Furthermore you increase insulin levels and when insulin is high you are not  burning fat, instead you accumulate it.

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  • Did You Finish Your Meal? Say NO To Stomach’s Pains!

    Did You Finish Your Meal? Say NO To Stomach’s Pains! by Yes You Can! Specialists

    Did You Finish Your Meal? Say NO To Stomach’s Pains!

    Have you ever experienced stomach pains, sleepiness, or discomfort after your meals? You should pay attention to these symptoms because you're probably eating the wrong carbohydrate and proteins portions. To improve and eliminate these feelings we recommend you to include the following foods in your meals.

    • Artichokes: It is high in prebiotic inulin and helps its production in the intestine. It will reduce the liver pressure and allow the body to detox.

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  • How To Take The First Step?

    How To Take The First Step? by Yes You Can! Specialists - Yes You Can! Diet Plan Blog

    How To Take The First Step?

    Do you feel like you’re always doing too much effort every time you want to start a diet but temptation always wins the battle? Surely you’ve used the "I will start next Monday," excuse or the "Just for weekend" cop out. We tend to procrastinate the start of our diet because it seems to hard to accomplish, here are some tips to make it easier for you:

    1. Control what you eat and drink in a food diary: Record water intake, energy levels, exercise routine. This gives you more control of what you eat and it is easier to avoid mistakes, and increase motivation. The traffic light diet in the Yes You Can! Diet Plan is the easiest tool for you to know how to pick the right foods that will then go into your journal.  

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  • The 4 Supplements... My Daily Help!

    The 4 Supplements... My Daily Help! by Ana Patricia - Yes You Can! Diet Plan Blog

    The 4 Supplements... My Daily Help!


    I’ve gotten a lot of questions on my social media regarding the Yes You Can! Diet Plan supplements, one of the most common ones were:  “Ana, do they pills have side effects?”  “What are the pills made of?” “when should I take them?” and “do they really work?” because I saw so many I just wanted to talk about them on this post.

    “My daily helpers” that’s what I call my YesYou Can! Supplements because they really DO help me. Each one of them does something better and they’re all 100% natural. You’re supposed to take them every morning after breakfast.

    The fat burner destroys the fatty cells that build up in our bellies, legs, arms and gluts. As well as giving us a natural energy source to get us through our day.

    It’s made up of:

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  • Frustrated? Without Results?

    Frustrated? Without Results?  by Yes You Can! Specialists - Yes You Can! Diet Plan Blog

    Frustrated? Without Results?

    Are you feeling that your diets don’t advance towards your ultimate goal? Every day that passes you have less motivation to move forward. Give yourself a few minutes to think about what you're doing to feel that way. There must be something wrong that you are performing. Here we share some mistakes that you can be making:

    1. You eat a lot: When we say that we should eat 5 times a day, they are not 5 full meals. Instead, they are 3 strong meals (breakfast, lunch, & dinner) plus 2 snacks. You must also pay attention to quantities. If you exceed protein, that extra % will accumulate as fat.

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  • 4 Tips To Control Anxiety

    4 Tips To Control Anxiety by Ana Patricia - Yes You Can! Diet Plan blog

    4 Tips To Control Anxiety

    C’mon you guys! You can’t deny that the temptation to eat the wrong things, such as: a burger at night or an afternoon cake, don’t go through your head. Obviously that anxiety is very common during any weight loss or maintenance process, and we have more of it when our bodies are getting used to a new healthy food regime. As nothing in this life happens magically, of course I have my tricks to reduce anxiety.

    With Ale’s book I learned a lot about carbs, proteins, and fats. In relation to anxiety I understood that there is a neurotransmitter called serotonin that is activated when we eat carbohydrates, sugars or starch, and gives us a sense of calmness and a boost in our mood. This is also inhibited when we are stressed, which is why we have more sugar cravings during these times.

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